October 2011

Touch Ben 10...A LOT!

Posted by MOA on October 31, 2011

Have your fingers been bored lately between WoW and reading the latest Man of Action books? Let's give those thumbs some exercise!

Man of Action's Ben 10 was Wednesday's APP OF THE DAY! And it's crazy ADDICTIVE! Basically, you have 64 tiles with images of the aliens Ben 10 can morph into. You have to tap the tiles that match the indicator until they are all gone. But as you tap tiles they disappear and the ones above it drop down and everything shifts and you may end up hitting the wrong alien and losing points. Just when you think you've got this all mastered LIKEABOSS the tiles start changing colors and doing all kinds of weird ish. Then you discover you can start tapping aliens with 2 hands. Thumbs beware...madness ensues!

Get you Ben 10: Alien Locator for iPad here...and just try to beat our high score!

Follow Friday!

Posted by MOA on October 28, 2011

You know, THIS isn't the only secret HQ Man of Action has! That's right! We also have a not-so-secret lair out there.

Get in on all the action by following us on Facebook - Man of Action Studios and on Twitter - Man of Action Now.

You can follow the guys on Twitter, individually, too:
Duncan Rouleau
Joe Casey - Coming soon
Joe Kelly
Steven T. Seagle

Become a Plumber...and Save the Universe!

Posted by MOA on October 27, 2011

Some people want to grow up and become doctors, lawyers or architects. Pffft! We say - BECOME A PLUMBER!

Man of Action's Ben 10 teams up with Bandai America, Cartoon Network and D3 Publisher to bring you Ben 10: Become a Plumber, Save the Universe! Complete missions and get inducted in to the ultra-secret Plumbers Society for a chance to win $10,000 and an all-expense paid trip for three to ride the Ben 10: Ultimate Mission rollercoaster at the Drayton Manor Theme Park. In England!

And here's a FREE MISSION CODE to get you started: BB9888A100 on your quest to save the Universe!

Missions are active until February 29, 2012 so get started now. And remember, WE WANT PICS if you win!

Ben-tlemen, Start Your Engines!

Posted by MOA on October 25, 2011

Man of Action's Ben 10 has places to go and worlds to save! D3 just dropped the hot new trailer for Ben 10: Galactic Racing! It's chock full of racing, aliens, explosions, and (probably unlicensed) superheroes driving all over the universe.

Man of Action Secrets Revealed!

Posted by MOA on October 24, 2011

Cynopsis: Kids! presents a new A Few Questions For... featuring secret details from the Man of Action camp and its founders, graphic novelists Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle. The guys go in-depth on their mysterious past and how they came to be, Ben 10, Crossovers, and other projects.

Plus, they reveal what Powerpuff Girl they would be! You won't get THAT anywhere else! Click HERE for the downlow!

Get MOA's Frankie Stein Kids Book Before Halloween!

Posted by MOA on October 21, 2011

Frankie Stein - From the studio that brought you BEN 10 and GENERATOR REX comes a children’s book perfect for an all-year-round Halloween hoot! Young Frankie Stein is starting to doubt his father’s claim that “Boys live in castles and monsters live in cities.” Taking a leap of faith, Frankie heads into nearby Transylvania, Pennsylvania, to test that theory for himself…on October 31st! What’s a monster-boy to do in a city filled to overflowing with monsters?! STEVEN T. SEAGLE & MARCO CINELLO craft a timeless tale of perception and personal identity. And…pumpkins!

Click here to order YOUR COPY now!

The MAN OF ACTION guys go 2-D on Generator Rex!

Posted by MOA on October 20, 2011

You all know Man of Action...but do you know our pixelated personas as the Men of Action? Check out our animated "re-debut" (the guys actually appeared in an episode once before!) in Man of Action's Generator Rex last Friday on Cartoon Network. Head over to Facebook to see more pics.

**Little MoA trivia: In the first episode we didn't voice ourselves. BUT on this one we did, albeit our voices were sped up just a bit to make us from "MANS" to "TEENS".**

Can you believe the Gen Rex Wiki refers to us as "Hoodlums"? Whaaaat? Us?! They didn't even capture Joe's Handlebar. And Duncan has more hair than that!

New Rex Builds?! New Ben Alien?! Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United has Huge Premiere at NYCC!

Posted by MOA on October 19, 2011

MOA reporting from NYCC!

We wish you could have been there with us...seriously! Because we got to watch - for the first time - alongside Rex voice actor superb Daryl Sabara - and with a packed room of cheering fans - the world premiere of the much anticipated Ben/Rex crossover premiere at the New York Comic Con this past weekend! Coming to TV this November, the hour-long special was received with laughs, cheers, gasps, and all the other great noises you hope fans will utter. The crowd loved the comedy bits - especially Rex's improvised theme song early in the episode - but really gasped when Ben turned into an all-new alien! What alien, you ask? You'll have to wait and see - it was for those in attendance only! But the biggest gasps of all came for the wild new builds Rex delivered with the help of a very unexpected ally! It was great fun and Man of Action wants to thank everyone who was there for making it a great debut!

Joe Casey on the mind of Joe Casey!

Posted by MOA on October 18, 2011

Patrick Tobin delves into the mind and work of Man Of Action Joe Casey (**not for kids**) regarding comics overall and the general state of the industry. Joe covers his work with Mike Huddleston in Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker, his original graphic novel Doc Bizarre, M.D. with Andy Suriano (due out Oct. 19th) and the re-release of Officer Downe (due out in December) with Chris Burnham, from Batman Incorporated.

See what makes Joe not just a fan of comics but what makes him tick when he delivers the goods HERE.

Man of Action on the Ben 10 / Gen Rex Panel Today!

Posted by MOA on October 16, 2011

Don't forget to swing by and see Man of Action on the NYCC Ben 10 / Generator Rex crossover panel today from 12:30 - 1:45pm @1A22. In other words, YOU GET TO WATCH BEN 10 / GENERATOR REX: HEROES UNITED FIRST. We'll be greeting fans, answering questions and other fun surprises!

Also, swing by Booth 333 and get some free swag! If you tell Joe Kelly where to get his #NYCCHG'll get an autographed I Kill Giants.

We'll be looking for ya!

Live from the NY Comic Con!

Posted by MOA on October 14, 2011

We're at the New York Comic Con (BOOTH 333) right now and it's going off, as evidenced to the right! Get in on the action AS IT HAPPENS and all the latest Man of Action updates by liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter!

We'll also be dropping exclusive content on ya'll like Joe Kelly's NYCC Holy Grail treasure hunt going on at the Con right now! Official hashtag #NYCCHG - prizes included autographed goods, scripts, handshakes, funny looks and much more!

MoA Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple!

Posted by MOA on October 13, 2011

**Updated Booth Info**

Maybe you'll be in New York this weekend. Maybe you're going to the New York ComiCon?! Maybe you'll say, "Dang I wonder what those Man of Action guys are up to!" Well we'll tell ya everything you want to know and some things you don't when you swing by BOOTH 333. We'll be right next to the Marvel booth. Be sure to bring the kids 'cause we're giving away TEH EPIC LEWTS.

Also, catch Man of Action on the NYCC Ben 10 / Generator Rex crossover panel on Sunday October 16th, 12:30 - 1:45pm @1A22. In other words, WATCH BEN 10 / GENERATOR REX: HEROES UNITED FIRST. We'll be greeting fans, answering questions and other fun surprises!

MoA Making Guest Appearance on Gen Rex!

Posted by MOA on October 13, 2011

You'll notice some quite good looking new guests this week on Generator Rex. Yes, that's Man of Action appearing in and voicing the new episode of Generator Rex, "Grounded" this Fri / Sat on Cartoon Network. More pics from the recording session on the OFFICIAL Man of Action Facebook page.

Friday Fun-imation!

Posted by MOA on October 7, 2011

New episodes of Man of Action's Ben 10 and Generator Rex tonight on Cartoon Network followed by Star Wars: The Clone Wars! 6/5c is go time!

Follow Friday...

Posted by MOA on October 7, 2011

Get in on the latest from Man of Action as it happens! Follow the guys on Twitter: Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle. You can also find them on Facebook.

See ya there!

Three For The Road!

Posted by MOA on October 5, 2011

The creative team between the cult classic series HOUSE OF SECRETS, Eisner-winning artist Teddy Kristiansen and MAN OF ACTION Steven T. Seagle, return to Vertigo for one month only. They're dropping in on another huanted house for a short story in the final issue of HOUSE OF MYSTERY, #42, on sale now...

The Badass with a Badge is Back!

Posted by MOA on October 4, 2011

Freeze! Artist Chris Burnham and Man of Action Joe Casey's Officer Downe gets a hardcover this December!

Young Masters Collide!

Posted by MOA on October 3, 2011

See a preview of what Man of Action Joe Casey and artist Nick Dragotta are up to - Marvel Comics Vengeance #4

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