November 2012


Posted by MOA on November 30, 2012

You know, THIS isn't the only secret HQ Man of Action has! That's right! We also have a few not-so-secret lairs out there.

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Duncan Rouleau
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Man Of Action Essentials: The Nightmarist

Posted by MOA on November 23, 2012

While most of us are probably having nightmares of more turkey, Beth Sorenson's dreams are being invaded by an entity calling itself, The Nightmarist, who claims to protect her from forces plotting to twist her will. Beth's reality begins to crack. With horrors closing in around her, while awake and asleep, Beth must decide -- has she gone crazy? Have her dreams become ground zero in a battle for the future of mankind? Can she trust The Nightmarist?

Man of Action Duncan Rouleau both drew and wrote The Nightmarist, including the screen adaptation which has recently been optioned by Paramount Pictures. Catch this Man Of Action Essential first before it hits the big screen!

"Rouleau's art is especially delicious, with a detail and control that gives shape to the inky terrors lurking in the story. (Grade: A-)" - Tom McLean, Variety

"The Nightmarist is the best original graphic novel released in years, and I claim this during a time when OGNs are popping out of the woodwork each and every month." - Dave Petkash, Broken Frontier

"Rouleau is a versatile and capable talent, and NIGHTMARIST is a thing of beauty to behold." - Marc Mason, Comics Waiting Room

Thankful for...YOU!

Posted by MOA on November 22, 2012

Whatever you may be celebrating or thankful for today - Man Of Action throwing out some L-O-V-E to one of the the biggest things we are grateful for - YOU. Our MOAgents around the world!

Man Of Action Essentials: Rock Bottom

Posted by MOA on November 22, 2012

What would you do if you discovered you were turning to stone?

What would that extraordinary circumstance do to your life?

Man Of Action Joe Casey and The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard answer these questions in today's MoA Essentials choice, Rock Bottom.

Man Of Action Essentials: It's A Bird...

Posted by MOA on November 21, 2012

Superman and Non-Superman fans alike can both enjoy the Eisner Award-winning It's A Bird... by Man of Action Steven T Seagle and Danish artist Teddy Kristiansen!

It's A Bird... is one of the realest Superman tales ever - without featuring Superman. Steve's given the dream assignment to write Superman, only he can't relate to a Man of Steel when his own fears of death haunt him. Explore the cultural significance of a comic-book icon as Steve comes to terms with Superman's cultural importance.

"...remarkable, genre-bending work..." - People Magazine
"...easily ranks with SPIRIT creator Will Eisner's memoirs...and Michael Chabon's best-selling The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay." - USA Today
"Terrifically wry...deep thinking...this is something truly different." - Entertainment Weekly, Editor's Choice
"...strikingly original..." - The New Yorker
"Magnificent" - St. Louis Dispatch
"Ingenious" - Newsday
"...does something unique with the graphic novel, and it's well worth the time of any reader..." - San Francisco Chronicle
Recommended on NPR's "Talk of the Nation"

Man Of Action Essentials: I Kill Giants

Posted by MOA on November 20, 2012

Man of Action Joe Kelly & J. M. Ken Niimura's epic I Kill Giants is still bringing grown men to tears!

Walt Richardson at Multiversity Comics reviews IKG - HERE - tissues in tow - "There are many books I would recommend, but few I would label as 'essential.' 'I Kill Giants' is one of those few. In this mini, Kelly and Niimura expertly capture human emotion in a way that is simultaneously reassuring and absolutely heartbreaking. We are stronger than we think — though maybe not strong enough to make it through “I Kill Giants” without sobbing."

Exclusive GENIUS Sneak Peek

Posted by MOA on November 19, 2012

GENIUS: Get an exclusive first look at pages from Man of Action Steven T. Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen's long awaited follow up to their Eisner-nominated book, IT'S A BIRD...

The pages are on display HERE at the MacMillan website and the book will be released next summer from the always awesome First Second imprint.

GORMITI is Live in Europe!

Posted by MOA on November 12, 2012

MAN OF ACTION'S all-new re-imagining of the international hit Gormiti is live and on the air in select European locations!

Keep an eye on this site for US updates/trailers coming soon!


Posted by MOA on November 9, 2012

You know, THIS isn't the only secret HQ Man of Action has! That's right! We also have a few not-so-secret lairs out there.

Get in on all the action by following us on:
Facebook - Man of Action Studios,
Twitter - Man of Action Now,
and our latest location

Google+ - Man of Action Studios.

You can follow the guys on Twitter at @ManOfActionNow, and individually, too:
Duncan Rouleau
Joe Casey - ????
Joe Kelly
Steven T. Seagle

MoA On Nerdist Writers Panel!

Posted by MOA on November 2, 2012

Your chance to meet the Man of Action team and ask them everything you've ever wanted to know about the process/business of writing: THIS SUNDAY!

Head down to Meltdown Comics Fan Page in LA for the The Nerdist Writers Panel and come get all the secrets of writing your own hit comics/TV Shows!

Nerdist Writer's Panel 11/04/2012
Date: Sunday - November 4, 2012 - 05:00 PM
Location: Nerdist Education Showroom - Los Angeles - General Admin
Doors Open 04:45 PM


Discover Einstein’s Darkest Secret: GENIUS

Posted by MOA on November 1, 2012

Man of Action Steven T. Seagle and his artistic partner in crime, Teddy Kristiansen, investigate one of Albert Einstein's darkest secrets…a secret he only ever shared with one person.

Here’s a sneak peek from Comic Book Resources at this quantum physics mystery: GENIUS

First look at the full covers for Seagle and Kristiansen's new book GENIUS below!

Man of Action Facebook

Coming in July (for sure) from First Second Books!

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