March 2009

Seagle on CBR TV Part 2

Posted by MOA on March 30, 2009

Part two of Steven T. Seagle's video interview with CBR has been posted and features Steve on some of his best-known work and breaking the news on two new projects.


MAN OF ACTION'S New Cartoon Network Series Announced

Posted by MOA on March 25, 2009

We've had to keep it under wraps for over a year now, but Cartoon Network has finally officially announced GENERATOR REX. More details will follow soon, but get the advance word on this new action-adventure series here.

And get an advance look at Duncan's cool character designs for Rex and crew here

Seagle on CBR TV

Posted by MOA on March 24, 2009

Steven T. Seagle dropped by the studios of Comic Book Resources for an interview recently. The first half of the conversation with CBR head honcho Jonah Weiland is up now and features a discussion about Steve's new series SOUL KISS and breaks some news on an upcoming original graphic novel. Check out the video.


Posted by MOA on March 19, 2009

For all of our BEN 10 fans out there (and you know you are legion) a heads up that the volume 3of the BEN 10 Alien Force saga is just about to drop on DVD. This one picks up at episode10 and charges forward through Alien X.


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 11, 2009

How weird is this? Exactly 20 years ago to the day, THE AMAZON wound its way into comic shops. Billed as the first comic book "eco-series" the environmentally-themed series was the first color work of both myself and rising superstar artist Tim Sale.

Now, exactly twenty years to the day later, THE AMAZON is winding its way back into comic shops. The eco-series is still (sadly) relevant, and the adventure through a besieged timber mining operation deep in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest is still a high water mark in Tim's brilliantly moody storytelling.

Oh yeah, and the whole story has been strikingly re-colored by Matt Hollingsworth.

Oh yeah, and the whole book has been redesigned.

Oh yeah, and each of the three issues features extras like unseen production materials and an ongoing conversation between Tim and me. Oh yeah!

Here's a preview.


Posted by Joe Casey on March 11, 2009

So, apparently, the MOA site is back up and running with a new webgod, aiding and abetting our avoidance of work and speak directly to our legions of fans spread far and wide across the Internets. Between this and the transcript to the infamous Lucas/Spielberg/Kasdan RAIDERS story conference, there's not much time to get busy with my current gigs for the Big Two today. Speaking of which, if you want to read me spouting off on one of them -- in this case, the upcoming DC Comics mini-series called DANCE -- head on over to Comic Book Resources and get... well, not the full scoop, but some info on how I'm going to wrangle the Super Young Team.

A choice excerpt:

CBR : What can you share with us heading into the series? Any details on what we might see and who these heroes really are?

Casey: I can tell you that in #1 you値l see Super Young Team in their hot new satellite headquarters, complete with a trophy room full of superhero trophies that aren稚 even theirs. Beyond that, you値l see them fight an unseen enemy. You値l see how the world reacts to how fucking fabulous they are. You値l see them dealing with feelings of love and rejection. You値l see a bit of cosplay. You値l see the return of Innovative Concepts, Inc. (80s shout-out, yo!). You値l see the fate of Midway City. And you might even see Most Excellent Superbat make out with himself. And that痴 just off the top of my head. I have a list written down somewhere.

Most Excellent Superbat twitters way too much. Big Atomic Lantern Boy痴 got an insatiable appetite. Shiny Happy Aquazon痴 got superpowers we haven稚 seen yet. Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash痴 quicker than you think and Shy Crazy Lolita Canary... well, she likes to get her drink on. How痴 that?

More in the link.

Joe Casey


Posted by MOA on March 9, 2009

Lili Bloom, lead lip-locker of Steven T. Seagle & Marco Cinello's toung-in-throat new Man Of Action comic is looking for some new friends. As a result, the SOUL KISS FACEBOOK page has officially gone active. Friend it for series updates, exclusive previews, cover images and more.

Here's the link.


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 8, 2009

MAN OF ACTION STUDIOS has realized a major dream - we've produced our own line of comics! Published by Image Comics, the new books are created and written by the MAN OF ACTION guys (and in the case of Mr. Rouleau drawn and colored as well!). It all started with Joe Casey who was already set up at Image with GリDLAND, Krash Bastards, Nixon's Pals and Charlatan Ball. But one day Casey was talking to Image main man and all around inspirer, Eric Stephenson, who asked when the rest of the MAN OF ACTION crew was going to make the move. Joe Kelly took the leap next with I Kill Giants and Four Eyes. But February was Image痴 official MAN OF ACTION Month! All four MAN creators launched new books - SOUL KISS (by Steven T. Seagle & Marco Cinello); THE GREAT UNKNOWN (by Duncan Rouleau); BAD DOG (By Joe Kelly & Diego Greco) and CODEFLESH:DEFINITIVE EDITION (by Joe Casey & Charlie Adlard). All the MOA comics are at finer comic stores now (, and if you come visit us at Comic Con (San Diego) this year we値l have huge free posters to commemorate the launch of the MAN OF ACTION books!

The Great Unknown Soul Kiss BAD DOG

The Donald needs a Man of Action!

Posted by Joe Kelly on March 5, 2009

Check out Joe Kelly's "reality" debut this weekend on Celebrity Apprentice. Yup. That's right. The Donald called in the big guns this week, Man of Action. Joe's talkin' comics with Jesse James, Tom Green, Scott Hamilton, and the rest of the boyz. Hershel Walker took his lunch order, swear to god.

Set your TiVos to stun. Sunday March 8th at 9PM.


Check out the dashing dudes in the following clip. Boo-yah!


Posted by Steven T. Seagle on March 4, 2009

DARK DAYS IN MONKEY CITY, that is. The brand-spanking-new and very well-received Animal Planet show (an A- from Entertainment Weekly, thank you very much) has some MAN OF ACTION STUDIOS in its pedigree. MAN OF ACTION served as story editors and did development on the show. We worked with a pack of cool folks from Animal Planet (and we do mean planet as our co-workers were spread all over the world from Sri Lanka to New Zealand!). The producers brought us aboard to give DDMC a 組raphic novel sensibility but we spent most of our time talking them into making those monkey stories more Shakespearean than superheroic! Give it a watch new episodes every Tuesday night. And you can read an interview with MAN OF ACTION about the show at the Animal Planet website:

(and to answer an already e-mailed question, no, we don稚 know why they singled out the two Joes in the intro!)

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