July 2012

Duncan and Joe on Gamer Live TV!

Posted by MOA on July 30, 2012

More goods still coming out of the Con! Part 1 of Man of Action’s quick chat with Gamer Live TV gets Duncan Rouleau and Joe Casey dishing out insight on their TV ventures, Duncan’s project with The Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone, The Great Unknown, and the future of gaming!

…and what really happened to E.T. and the Atari 2600!

Part ONE - Here!

Man of Action Reveals 7Cs on MTV Geek!

Posted by MOA on July 27, 2012

Man of Action sat down with MTV Geek last week at Comic Con and revealed a few secrets. What you missed the news? New Ultimate Spider-Man villains in Season 2! New Comics coming out! Oh! And the new Man of Action + SAMG collab tv show: 7Cs!

Steven T. Seagle Signing New Book @ Meltdown Tonight!

Posted by MOA on July 25, 2012

Tonight ONLY! - Catch Man of Action Steven T. Seagle signing and discussing his and Teddy Kristiansen’s new book THE RED DIARY/THE RE[A]D DIARY.

Don’t miss out on this great book and your chance to get the inside story of how it actually came to be!

It’s FREE and it all goes down TONIGHT at Meltdown Comics in LA at 6PM.
7522 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 852-7223

See ya there!

BATULA, the New MOA Character For Kids Flies Into Comic Shops Today!

Posted by MOA on July 25, 2012

Livingston the fruit bat just got bit by a vampire! Now he's a vampire bat! But will he head over to the dark side of the grove... or become an avenging hero of the night for his colony?!

Preview a couple of the pages over at Comic Book Resources below!


Rooftop Rambles with Spike TV!

Posted by MOA on July 23, 2012

MoA goes rooftop and chats with Spike TV’s Katie Linendoll about all your favorites – Ben 10: Omniverse, Ultimate Spider-man and Deadpool! Yes, Joe Kelly wants to write it! And yes, he likes Ryan Reynolds!

If you missed the live chat here’s your chance to catch up – that and how often does Steven T. Seagle get all Snuggie with his Spider-man robe?!

Spike SDCC Men of Action from MTVNE Digital Group on Vimeo.

Ben 10! USM! Big Hero 6! Oh My!

Posted by MOA on July 20, 2012

Man of Action gets chatty-wit-it with Grace Randolph from Bleeding Cool about Ben 10 and Ben 10: Omniverse, Ultimate Spider-Man, the new Disney + Marvel + MoA collab, Big Hero 6, and working w/ Image Comics! Basically if you missed Comic-Con…the good stuff starts here!

Man of Action at Comic Con this Weekend!!

Posted by MOA on July 13, 2012

DO NOT miss hanging w/ the Man of Action team this year at the San Diego Comic-Con!

We'll be rockin' our usual spot BOOTH #2007! There's gonna be:

*EXCLUSIVE comics / graphic novels / videos!
** Surprises for our younger Ultimate Spider-Man & Ben 10 fans!!

So come on down and hi-5 one of us!

Man of Action + MTv Geek!

Posted by MOA on July 13, 2012

MOA hanging at MTV Geek!... Awesome guys! Check out the interview at MTV!

Be Swampfire for a day!

Posted by MOA on July 10, 2012

Craving a quick dose of Man of Action’s Ben 10? Cartoon Network has a new version of the popular side-scroller and this time you get to kick alien rocks as Swampfire! If anything it’s a nice break from those Tuesday blues at work…

The gang over at Capsule Computers just dropped a solid review HERE!

Ultimate Spider-Ham Preview at The Con Next Weekend!

Posted by MOA on July 7, 2012

Loki's up to no good, again! Catch a sneak preview of Man of Action and Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Ham?!?!

It all goes down Saturday, July 14th, at 10:30am in Room 6BCF at San Diego Comic-Con International next weekend!

+Come see the Man of Action guys at BOOTH 2007!

The MAN OF ACTION Connection on the First Disney/MARVEL Movie: BIG HERO 6!

Posted by MOA on July 4, 2012

Disney Animation confirmed this week that it is in development on its first animated feature based on MARVEL characters. And where does MAN OF ACTION fit in to that mix? The characters chosen are the pop-tastic Japanese super-team BIG HERO 6 - and that team was created by MOA's Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau!

BIG HERO 6 was created by the MOAs for an epic adventure in the pages of MARVEL'S Alpha Flight series (vol2). Their first chronological origin story was Alpha Flight 17 - although the craziness of the publishing world saw the first issue of a BIG HERO 6 spin-off series beat the Alpha Flight issue to the shops! Read what little is known about the movie deal all over the place:


Inside Movies

Crave Online


Comic Book Resources

It’s A Bird…Gets Geek Dad Love!

Posted by MOA on July 2, 2012

Wired’s Geek Dad, Johnathan H. Liu throws some love the MoA way! Check out the review on <Man of Action Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen’s “It’s A Bird…” in his weekly blog post.

“It’s a Bird…” is an autobiographical book, chronicling Seagle's thoughts as he tries to work out a new approach to one of the world's most popular characters, Superman. The book deals with the presence of Huntington's Disease in Seagle's family, the implications of this disease on family dynamics, and the apparent contradictions in the character of Superman.

Latest news

• Grant Morrison Joining Captain Victory Team!
October 10, 2014

• Newest BIG HERO 6 Panel At NYCC!
October 9, 2014

• Man Of Action At NYCC This Week!
October 6, 2014

• Long Beach Comic Con: Sunday!
September 28, 2014

• Long Beach Comic Con: Saturday!
September 27, 2014

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