July 2006


Posted by Joe Kelly on July 29, 2006

Hey all, just a quick pimp to let you know that I'll be in NYC tomorrow along with West Coast Superstar Joe Casey at the New York Comic Book Spectacular tomorrow, Sunday the 30th of July.

Joe C. doesn't usually make it out this way, so drop on by to get your Godlands and etceteras signed. We'll be at 440 West 57th St. (between 9th and 10th) in air conditioned luxury, thank god.

See you there!

Beetle Mania!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 29, 2006

The new Blue Beetle is out this week, and I did the interiors as well as the cover.

It was a great deal of fun, I think that the team of John Rogers, Keith Giffen, Cully Hamner, Joan Hilty – and the rest are doing an outstanding job. John and Keith are really telling a great story of a hero on a border town – its got mood, it got character, its got style.

I’m going to be back on covers after this ish, but look for me in an upcoming DC title as both writer and artist….

More to come on that, but for now check out the b&w page from the book--->

Have comicbooks finally "made it"? The Q on Colbert...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 28, 2006

Fighting the Con flu and prepping for a trip to NYC for a one-day convention on 7/30. Sometimes I have trouble scheduling my life...

Watched Marvel EiC Joe Quesada on the Colbert Report. I think he came off alright. Look, none of us are as media savvy as we think we are, but Quesada's performance isn't really what's significant here. I dunno... I really think that this kind of press is what a lot of folks actually working in comics have wanted all along: to simply be a part of the culture, on a level playing field with cinema, television, videogames, etc. The Colbert segment was not simply one of those, "Alert! Comics aren't just for kids anymore!"-type stories. This was about a specific publishing event and, more importantly, the content of said event.

And the fact that Colbert did his usual thing and took a few shots (hilarious as always) is, in my opinion, a good thing. We shouldn't be super-sensitive about our product. Being part of pop culture means that we're a perfectly acceptable target for ridicule (just like everything else in pop culture). Okay by me.

Off to the Big Apple. Hopefully, the other MOA bloggers will keep the home fires burning...

Nesting and Resting

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 27, 2006

Hey All,

So I’m finally back on the Right Coast again after a few days in L.A., doing the meeting thing and chilling with my Mans of Action. I like Cali just fine, especially San Francisco and San Diego, but that Hollywood vibe…something about it still triggers the fight or flight reflex in my New York brain. So it’s good to be home, and what says, “Hey, I’m back to work!” better than completely purging my office of half a ton of old crap?

Yes, on the one hand, cleaning is a way to procrastinate. I won’t lie. A writer once told me that you could tell he was having trouble on a story whenever his office was spotless. On the other hand, gutting the office always gives me the sense of a fresh start - a way to help externalize the quest for serenity and clarity. The Purge is a good thing, so long as on the other end, something good remains...

In this case? Here’s what’s on the plate for the immediate future:

1) Finishing a long overdue screenplay with Duncan. Action Horror. Sick sick fun.

2) Supergirl #11 – Special guests galore in this one, gang, as Supergirl makes a play to join a certain DCU team who live outside on the fringes.

3) Batman/Superman Annual – that Ryan Ottley is kicking butt and taking names, making this one hell of an issue! I gotta catch up!

4) An original graphic novel. You’ll hear more soon. This one’s been percolating for a while, but like a fine wine, its time has come.

There’s more stuff coming, but these are first in the queue to go. As each one gets checked off the list, I’ll let you know what head of the hydra has risen to take its place…

As soon as I windex all of the hardcovers and vacuum the toys…heh.

Back in the saddle again...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 26, 2006

Alright, I guess I have no more excuses. The Con has been over for two days. I've almost caught up on my sleep. Still a few meetings to hit in Hollywoodland, but beyond that I'm diving back into work like a responsible adult with a mortgage should.

In the last gasps of finishing the scripts for EMH2 #8 (the final in that mini-series) and GI JOE #17. Work-for-hire. All part of the life.

Of course, tonight... I'll be here...

Kennel Cough and Bad Dreams

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 24, 2006

I talked soooo much that, like a dog with kennel cough that has barked the whole time the family was away... I lost my voice. It's somwhere on the floor of the convention hall scattered underneath those piles of balled duct tape, discarded coke cups and w.i.n.k.s posters.

It was the biggest, loudest group of fourth level magic-users that have ever been assembled under one roof.

Here a a series of quicksnaps shots as they exit my head hopefully never to return...

...a 300 pound Wonder Woman

Lines around the block to play Gameboy Nintendogs...

...Scott Lobdel's new mustasche

$9.00 slice of pizza...

And of course....swarms and swarms of backpacks over-stuffed with posters, sketch books, light sabers and shields of Rohan.

That is all... now I shall slip into a quick dead sleep from which only my supergirl may wake me.

Now the REAL work begins...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 24, 2006

Five days of the Comic-Con shuffle have finally come to an end, so that means the Mans get to take a well deserved break lounging by the pool, yes?

Hell's no!

All of the San Diego hand shaking and chit-chat has paid off, and MOA is prepping for a half dozen meetings as a result of our glowing presence at the con, not to mention Joe Casey's colgate smile. There's blood in the water, and we'll let you know if we spear any sharks when we can.

Camped out in Duncan's office (and yes, it is as cool as it looks), getting my digital ducks in a row, I wanted to thank everyone once more for all of the support and big up love we were showed at the con. From the readers who have been along for the ride since Deadpool #1 to our newest converts sporting their Ben 10 tattoos, there are no fans on the planet like MOA fans, and I thank you all. Keep reading and watching and we'll keep writing!

We've got a blog and we're not afraid to use it, so I'll see you here again soon.

Post-Con Zombie State

Posted by Joe Casey on July 24, 2006

I honestly have nothing to say. When the phone rings, I cringe. To have to put together a complete thought is painful. This is what happens the day after Sunday. The post-Con zombie state.

Some of the MOA collective might still be stuck in San Diego, for all I know. Duncan and I made it back in one piece. I'm sure Seagle and Kelly are fine.

Just fine.

5:00 PM in San Diego...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

... and the Con doors are closing. As we gear up to tear down the massive MOA extravaganza of a booth, we're feeling pretty good that we pulled all this off. We're still alive. That's almost the best you can hope for at the end of Sunday.

Rest assured, it's only just beginning here at Hopefully, all of you who've been reading through this Con experience have our page bookmarked, because we'll still be here, collectively blogging our asses off on every subject under the sun... from comicbooks to animation to movies to television to video games and beyond.

This was a helluva way to relaunch the site. Big ups to JG for the hard work and on-the-spot tech support that made all this possible. To all the guest bloggers, our heartfelt thanks. There's a reason we call these folks our friends, both old and new.

My MOA partners might pop back on to put their own cap on this cookie tin, but for me, this is it.

Until tomorrow, of course.

A Hour Left and Counting...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

The clock is ticking...

Comic-Con is almost over. Even the blogging has started to slow down to a crawl. Dragging ass is becoming the accepted order of the day. As usual, some new projects are in the planning stages, borne from meetings and even handshakes that occur here. Ahhh... networking.

A lot of my friends have rolled out already. Here at MOA, we're obviously committed until the bitter end. It's amazing... the outside world seems to stop for five days. Newsarama's Matt Brady, who is just stopping by, couldn't care less that Israel is invading Lebanon. Then again, nobody does right now.

But tomorrow we will. Tomorrow we re-enter the real world once again, re-insert ourselves into our real lives and catch up on several hours of missed sleep in our own beds.


Variety is the spice of life...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 23, 2006

Stopping by the booth for a special guest blog, Tom McClean of who covers comics, entertainment, and other cool ephemera!

TM: Sunday, at last! Official duties have been discharged concerning the Comic-Con Intl. Film Festival. The very cool "Zombie Prom" won the judges' choice award (judged by myself, Chris Gore of Film and actress in absentia Amber Benson). But all the films showed a real love of filmmaking and deserve a look. Gary Sassaman, who runs all the programming for the con as well as festival, deserves a round of applause.

After that, I talked to Marc Miance, who worked on the original art concept for the film Renaissance, coming to the U.S. from Miramax in September. This film is like a European graphic novel come to life, using motion capture and animation.

The sense of relief is palpable as the con enters its final hours. The Man of Action booth is an island amid the madness, which if you know these guys is ironic, to say the least.

Strangest experience: Meeting a journalist from France who recognized me from a radio interview I did two years ago for NPR, all while waiting to interview Stan Lee.

We aren't the only ones with a cool booth...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 23, 2006

Cartoon Network pulled out all the stops at their booth to continue the Ben 10 love. Come down today, and you may just get to meet the extremely talented ladies who bring Ben and Gwen to life: Tara Strong and Megan Smith!

And if you get one of the exclusive Ben 10 sketchbooks...grab a few for us. We need extras!

Sunday is Ben 10 day!

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

Ben 10 fever has taken over the con! First up, the panel! MOA front man Duncan Rouleau was in effect with the whole gang, fielding questions and thrilling fans of the show. Up on the dais with him were Tramm Wigzell, Alex Soto, Tom Pugsley, Tara Strong (the voice of Ben), and Megan Smith (Gwen).

The crowd was extremely supportive of the show, and the Ben 10 crew were swamped with questions about Ben's past and future. When the lights dimmed and a preview roll of material for season 3 played through (including sneak peeks of a 30 year old Ben, Benwolf, Vilgax reborn, and even Santa Claus!), the place went nuts.

If the temperature of the room was any indication, Ben 10 will continue to thrill and chill you for a long long time.

Nobody Does It Better

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

Manning the MOA booth while the other Men are at the BEN 10 panel upstairs. It's all good here at the Con.

This is a pic from yesterday. If you know comicbooks, then you must know the Isotope. One of the best stores in San Francisco, mainly because of the energy of its head honcho, Mr. James Sime. I've done many an event at the Isotope, with more to come in the near future. And, of course, the man has style for miles...

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Posted by Joe Casey on July 23, 2006

Here we are, for one more go 'round. Sunday is "Kids Day" at Comic-Con, which means the BEN 10 target audience is out in full force. I'd say the Con has been fairly optimisitic in demeanor the whole time... but when the kids come out, you definitely feel that renewed surge of energy. Maybe that's why they save it till Sunday...

Last night, however... I was literally too tired to eat. Around midnight, my second wind kicked in and now I'm prepped to soldier through until close today. Blogging is once again in full force, so let's rawk, muthafuggas!!!

Angels and Devils...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 23, 2006

Comic-con, without fail, brings out the best and worst of us. Under one roof there are bright-eyed first timers pawning hand stapled books and jaded pros. Cosplay goddesses leaving nothing to the imagination strutting past kids in capes just bursting with imagination. Totems of the past and the promise of things to come.

Angels and devils. The world spins on the wings of both...especially the world of comics.

The Man behind the Men

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 23, 2006

Alex Soto the man behind getting Ben 10 on the air day after day and ...making it look so good came to the booth today.

We are doing a Ben 10 panel today so there was a little pre panel strategy to go over for the triva contest being held who is stonger Four Arms or Diamond Head?

Will write back after the panel to let you know what happened.

Bar Fly

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 23, 2006

So I don't really drink. Not out of some puritan ethic, just don't like to. If you do drink, just imagine pulling alchohol out of your existance and replacing it with sugar and that's my drunk.

That said, there's no way you can go to Comicon and not spend all night in the bars of the Hyatt. It's the place. Everyone's there. If you ever wanted to have a heart-to-heart with some pro you like, the Hyatt bar is the place to have it happen.

So last night I chatted up a huge contingent of cool Canadians - talked sh*t with my MAN OF ACTION cronies minus Duncan who took his kid to the Masquerade Ball (apparently the D dressed up in a startlingly convincing Sailor Moon outfit...) - Caught up with my first collaborator ever KAFKA's Stefano Gaudiano - Caught up with my newest partner, Tara McPherson (we're doing a 120+ page graphic novel for Vertigo and you heard it here first!) - I talked to Grant Morrison, but couldn't focus because he was wearing the coolest shirt I've ever seen in - I ran into many a friend from the recent Barcelona Con including the cutest couple in comics - Marvels Marts's.

Of course now I'm tiired and late for the DC booth, so more later.

Rushkoff in da house!

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Douglas Rushkoff is the man. He is at the MOA booth. He is blogging. I'm just gonna' get the hell out of the way for a minute...

RUSHKOFF: Comic-con is great, but fucked up. Great, in that sequential narrative is still central to something huge. Fucked up, in that way too many people are invested in this stuff as a way of "jumping off" into other media.

And the problem with that, I tell you, is that these other media just don't do what comics can. And writing for other media *through* comics negates what this form is actually about.

So, I feel a bit like I do when I watch an Equity waiver play in Los Angeles; the actors are using their roles to audition for any agents or producers who happen to be in the audience, instead of for the script.

But, accepting our little place in the media ecology isn't all bad. It's humbling, it puts things in perspective, and it gets me irked enough to go back home and prove why comics, ultimately, rule.

Folks, what else can I say...? Meeting Douglas in person has definitely been a highlight of the Con for me. He and I will continue our conversations next week in NYC. Personally, I can't wait.

The Comic Reporter blogs live

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Good friend, journalist supreme and blogger in his own right, Tom Spurgeon has finally stopped by. Tom's site, is required daily reading, and here's a sample of why...

TOM SPURGEON: The mood on the floor is desperate. Rumors of line fights and traffic shut-downs swirl. Yoshihiro Tatsumi receives an Inkpot. Arlen Schumer celebrates Orson Welles. Roger Langridge smiles as he sketches. Joe Casey endures... it's another year in San Diego.

Some scumbag stole Tom's backpack. The dark side of the Con...

Image panel just concluded

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

So, it's over. Not necessarily a barn burner of a panel (to say the least), but at least Image cranked things up a notch with a slideshow this year. Larsen & co. run a good company over there.

Aside from the CHARLATAN BALL series, the other Casey-related announcement concerned a new OGN written by me and drawn by artist Chris Burnham. It's called NIXON'S PALS and it looks a little something like this...

Large and in Charge

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 22, 2006

With Joe Casey out at a panel, probably doing a great job of ticking somebody off, I thought it would be a good time to jump in and update. We've met a lot of great fans and pros today, shaken a lot of hands and signed a ton of books. It's crowded, but the assembled mass is energized this year - it's optimistic, it's excited, it sees what we have to offer and wants us to succeed. I'm tired, but it's that happy exhaustion you get on Christmas after drowning in a wave of presents and wrapping paper. A sugar high for your brain.

This is a good year to be a comic-guy.

Pre-panel exclusive - new IMAGE series

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Real quick, before I run up to the Image panel... the promo piece you can tell your friends you saw here first: a new Image Comics monthly series debuting in 2007, called CHARLATAN BALL.

Enjoy the chaotic goodness. More on this later...


Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 22, 2006

Yes, the glittering halls here at HQ were graced by the square panted prince of the seven seas stop to praise the majesty that is Man of Action!

Tom Kinney the voice of Sponge Bob came by to tell us how much he loves Godland...!

....seems Plankton has a rival in Kronos!

Is anyone listening..?

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 22, 2006

Okay, blogging faithful, it's time for your reward! We are offering a Booth Exclusive to the first fan who comes over and says the following phrase to any of the Mans of Action: "Dark Meat Phoenix." (Hint: Autographs are involved!

Bring it on! We're waiting...

Larry Young shout-out

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Larry Young taught us all how to do San Diego right. AiT/PlanetLar is pretty much the king of the indy publishing section of the Con. Here he is pimping a little book called CODEFLESH.

And the Winner is...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 22, 2006

Good friend, letterer extreme, druidic overlord and publisher of all things good, Richard Starkings, proudly displays an Eisner award he claimed on behalf of Ladronn for Best Painter! Ladronn's work on Hip Flask: Mystery City will no doubtedly make your eyes richochet into your brain, so if you don't have it - get it!! Congrats, Amigo!

Unfortunately, it took six men, including two stormtroopers and a male Supergirl to get Richard to let go of the Eisner to send to Ladronn as he screamed, "You'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hand!!"


Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Boom! meeting has concluded. That Ross Richie... we like him. And, of course, my new super-villain (or is he?) book, THE BLACK PLAGUE, debuted here at the Con from the very same Boom! Studios.

We'll get the other MOA fuggas blogging soon enough...

Roll on...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

No idea what time it is. Does it matter? I;m actually fearful to venture out into the humanity-choked aisleways that surround the MOA booth. I think my wife is out there somewhere... God knows where.

Uh-oh... Boom! guys are here. Gotta' go.

Saturday begins! With exclusive (?) AVENGERS art

Posted by Joe Casey on July 22, 2006

Last night was a rough one. Some of us are still dragging ass. I may be one of them. But I'm here, I'm blogging, I'm ready to rock the Image panel later today (3:30, according to my hand-scribbled notes). Two new projects to announce. Check back here for the exclusive art from both...

And speaking of exclusive art, I haven't been paying attention to the Marvel announcements, so I don't know if this has been seen yet. Cover artist Dave Johnson (Mr. 100 BULLETS, y'know) got this in just under the wire... the cover for the November-launching AVENGERS: EMH2 mini-series written by yours truly. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so just check this out...

Jamal and us

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 21, 2006

Time to wrap up Friday, gang, and it's been a doozy. Smoking Klingons, a return to the basement, and finally, a fireball in our midst!

Firestorm artist Jamal Ingle stopped by to send us home with a smile. See you tomorrow!

Klingon with a cigarette!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 21, 2006

That's right what has the universe come to when the tobacco's long reach has stretched all the way across the wide expanse of space to the Klingon Empire and got all those bone heads hooked cancer sticks?

That brings me to the big question of costumes...does the armor make the monster or is it the other way around? How can you dress up as a fierce warrior and still act like a couch potato ---?

An answer left better answered in a galaxy far far away.


Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

CASEY: As promised, we've ropped disco dynamo Fraction for a little BT-reunion, live from the Con floor. Okay, man, we'll keep it brief, we'll keep it witty... one hopes. So, now that you're sporting the Chuck Heston-in-the-first-APES-flick look, how's the COn treated you so far...?


Oh, my kingdom for a diagonal zipper.

The Con has been completely insane. Not as insane as me sitting here and typing this out instead of just saying it out loud to you, but insane all the same. I think we're gonna sell out of CASANOVA #1 and #2, if not tomorrow than maybe Sunday...? And we brought a case of each...?

It's been staggering. What about you? What's life been like here at the MOA crash pad? What's it like living at a con and being across the aisle from the DC Palace?

CASEY: A random lady just walked up and asked me what computer program her kid should start with if he (I assume it's a "he") wants to get into computer animation. Like creating BEN 10 makes me an animation expert, right? I told her to download Macromedia Flash like I knew what the hell I was talking about...

I'm thinking I'm going to hit up an artist friend who is carrying a bottled marked "generic for Vicodin" just to help the time pass. Otherwise, the GODLAND trades are kinda blowing out, too. Could it be that, at a massive Con like this, the original ideahas more of a premium -- at least in this building -- than the INFINITE CRISIS spinoffs and CIVIL WAR ramifications...? Could it be our time has come?

(I really haven't taken the Vicodin yet...)

FRACTION: You know how I knew BEN 10 was gonna be a thing? Like, a real thing, I mean, and not just one of those thing-things? I watched the pilot, and the goddamn themesong was stuck in my head for six freakin' days after. Thanks, Man of ACTION!. Thanks A LOT.

You know, as a part of CIVIL WAR now, I think I've lost all cred coming and going. I'm in that big glass house right by the rock quarry, maybe, but I know that we've been overwhelmed by how many people have been into FIVE FISTS and CASS. Let's hear it for the Original Idea! Long may it reign.

CASEY: Said the new PUNISHER writer. Here I was, writing about our creator-owned babies when Marvel Editor Supreme (and second base slider), Axel Alonso popped into the MOA booth to discuss future storylines. The dichotomy of comicbook writing in full effect. It's where we all live, isn't it?

And, you're right. BEN 10 is a thing. We're just not sure what.

And, with that, we're out of here.


Posted by Joe Kelly on July 21, 2006

I am pooped. Just thought you should know.

Send candy. And, of course, beloved bourbon.

The Voice of God...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 21, 2006

Sugar and bourbon are required, or I might fall down, until--

God enters the booth. Or at least her voice.

Meet Kim Mai Guest, voice actress whose credits include Ben 10 and Justice League to name just a few. Kim Mai graciously agreed to play the voice of God in an animatic for my book Ballast, which will be posted on this very site soon.

With her is honorary Man of Action, good pal, and audiobook superstar Scott Brick who plays Mason Krokus, the world's most dangerous killer, with whom God strikes a unique business arrangement...

Scott isn't dangerous, but he is killing me softly, with his song.

Vertigo Panel X-TRA...delayed.

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 21, 2006

So I'm sitting at the booth trying to write about what you didn't hear at the Vertigo panel, but Mark Osborn from BINARY CULTURE showed up to do an interview, so my blog will have to wait. You can read the intervew later at:

Stay Tuned

Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

A live mini-BASEMENT TAPES is on it's way...

We gonna' rawk da' house!

And the guests keep coming...!

Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, my southern brother from another mother... Mr. Robert Kirkman.

ROBERT KIRKMAN: Howdy folks. I thought this was some kind of Podcast thing... but now I guess I have to type. Mental note. "Blog" is a blog and "Blog" does NOT mean podcast. Okay. Joe?

Glad we've got that straightened out. So, what can I say about Kirkman that hasn't been said before...? How about... BUY HIS BOOKS.

The Morrisons descend

Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

From the mists of Scotland, they arrive. And now he speaks...

GRANT MORRISON: Here on the blood red carpets of San Diego pretending not to be me - the heat inside this sweating hall of mutated flesh! The blinding glint of light from shiny ill-fitting costumes! The stench of dreams wrapped in plastic, pimped, sold, and flaunted before a Rabelaisian outpouring of humanity! Oh, the diribles! Thank god for the marines in the harbor and the helicopters - these guys are the only thing that stands between us and the howling mustachioed hordes of Saddam Hussein and Shirley Temple! Doesn't anyone realise how difficult it is to go through a tough military hazing ? Never mind Al Eisner and Bill Kirby and all these comic book bods, the real heroes are bullnecked boys with grudges!

And now Joe Casey ...

Here's a Flash Fact for you... Morrison's types with the middle finger of his left hand. Subtle message to his millions of readers...? U-Decide.

In the swing

Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

It's all good as we sail past twelve noon at the MOA booth. As you can see, the kiddies love their BEN 10...

Superintendent of the House of They

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 21, 2006

With two thirds of our first kid's book Douglas Fredricks and the House of They all done, überartist Ben Roman set down his pencil to take a well earned break down at the con. If you haven't read Ben's Tokyopop book I Love Halloween you're missing out on something special!

Ben was gracious enough to give me one of the pages as a gift, and after I put my eyes back in my head, teary eyed, I said, "Get back to work!"

Thanks for coming by, Ben!

Media Frenzy

Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

Here I am being interviewed for a podcast by Josh Flanagan of They tell me they're doing nightly podcasts, to which MOA laughs, "Nightly podcasts...? We're live blogging over here!"


Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 21, 2006

Let the parties commence - honestly how can you go wrong when so many people dress up like the Ghost of Christmas Present to get their Bacchus on ( Note to you comic types ***not the sailor from the DH PRESENTS but the Ancient world's God of DRINKY WINKY'S).

But that is for the warm summer nights where wine and talk of "Civil War" is in the air., But, Today the party is here at the con. More people, more costumes, more more more ---the vampire ball and the Eisners are in the air( along with many other scents) and the Klingons are preparinng for all out "Klapnok". So if you don't hear from me soon, I'll be leading the charge...

See you on the front line.


Posted by Joe Casey on July 21, 2006

The Con doors have just opened. Apparently, Thursday was just a warm-up for the kind of crowd they're expecting today. Last night, the number 150,000 pre-registered attendees was going around, to jaws dropped everywhere. This muthafugga gets bigger every year.

Last night's official Man Of Action Dinner was a helluva feast for one and all. The volume level alone rivaled the Con itself on its busiest day. Good friends and valued associates all gathered around one table. Ahhh... it gives us the warm fuzzies. And, as usual, we're still congratulating ourselves about it.

The new day is upon us. Day Three. Let the blogging begin...!

Final Thursday blog

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

Okay... Thursday is about to be history. All in all, MOA had a good day. And, as we've all been saying all day... it's only Thursday!

The big MOA dinner beckons, and we are off to feast with our various business associates and sundry hanger-ons that make the MOA community so delightful to be apart of...

Gimme a break... it's the end of the day here...

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 20, 2006

That is the offical count for preregistered attendees of the con! Can you imagine? I don't have to -- they're all here! And those are only the people who had their sh!t together -- that's not counting all the rest of you people who just think they'll stroll in off the street!

I hope all oif you who are not coming to the con - can find some time to think of us. Its easy - just jump into a large crowd and scream --- WOLVERINE. Then run...

That way we can all sommething to talk about after all of this is over.

A "Heroes" in our midst...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 20, 2006

Look, up at the con! It's a really big bird! It's insane! It's...Oh, it's Jeph!

Our good Pal showed up to "hold court". We all woke up soon afterwards.

Live from Argentina

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 20, 2006

You can't spell "International Superstar" without MOA... Okay, you can, but give me a break...

Ariel Olivetti, the incredible artist on Space Ghost, gentleman, and international jetsetter, stopped to stay 'Ola' after an 18 hour journey from Buenos Aires. We talked briefly about life, fatigue, and discussed the possibility of working on some other Hanna Barbera favorites including a certain bad assed caveman...NOT the captain (though I do love the captain!).

If you can't see Ariel in San Diego, don't worry! We'll both be in Buenos Aires next month! Heh...comics rule.

Take the Pledge...

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 20, 2006

Here's my 2006 convention sketch.

If you're at the con stop by the MAN OF ACTION booth (2007) or the DC/Vertigo table. Give me yours* I'll give you mine*.

*autograph, that is.

Rian Hughes... one of my faves

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

One of the pleasures of my career (and there have been many) is that I've been able to work with the great Rian Hughes, happily on more than one occasion. You may know him from the cool DARE mini-series he did with Grant Morrison back in the early 90's. Rian's a top-notch graphic designer. One of the best in the business. I was able to rope Mr. Hughes into working with me on covers for both WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 and THE INTIMATES.

I didn;t even know Rian was going to be here at the Con, but thanks to the miracle of technology, we can now prove his attendance here at the MOA booth...

Are we there yet...?

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

Sitting here at the booth, just getting into the groove. Lots of cool people stopping by, typical glad-handing and catching up. This is the way of the Con, y'see.

The constant reminder that it's only Thursday is an oft-repeated mantra, as everyone seems to be gearing up for another three days of madness. It's a good madness... after all, this is what we're here for. The stopping by, the glad-handing, the catching up... zzzzz....

Cross the Line...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 20, 2006

There's a crush of bodies around the MOA table. I As I type this, hiding beneath our TV stand for room and a breath of air, I wonder how it's happened so fast. Yes, we've got a ton of properties ready to go out and explode in all media...yes, Joe casey is as handsome as he is surly...but how can there be this many people at our booth on a Thursday?!?

And then I see him...Tim Sale. Making magic and doin' that voodoo that he do so well, sketching like mad.

Tim...can you take a break so a Man of Action can get a bite to eat?

Geek Alert!!!!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 20, 2006

Damn! I know, I know you're supposed to keep you calm grizzled old pro facade when at one of these cons, but seriously--- every once in a while you need that quick shot in the arm of total geekness to remember how you got in this biz in the first place.

Check it out----->

Keep those e-mails comin'

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

My MOA mates tell me that some of you folks reading this are actually e-mailing in, and we're blown away. Who knew anyone was actually reading this damn thing?!

Keep up the contact, people. We're definitely getting the e-mails. And Richard Starkings approves...


Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

Just walked a healthy portion of the Con floor. Jeezus Christ! Every year, my mind seems to block out how much of a cattle drive the aisleways end up turning into. People packed way too close together, all moving in some general direction, but none of them at the same speed. How is it that young children don't end up trampled to death???

Of course, this Con is a beautiful thing to behold. We're having geekasms every few seconds. The MOA booth is getting sticky, baby!

Just past the noon mark

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

The midday point is upon us. An overpriced pretzel keeps the energy up. Duncan sketches his ass off...

The World's Finest

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 20, 2006

It started as a bellyache…and ended in bliss…

So last night, here’s the picture – I’m in bed early. Too much travel and rich food and the craziness of setting up had taken its toll on my manly physique. Is that a fever coming on? It’s too early in the con to lose my voice! My strength! My Action…

And then, this morning, I walk into the convention hall to find…superheroes.

Suddenly, I feel incredible.

God, I love superheroes.

Cartoon Network is in the Hiz-ouse!!!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 20, 2006

Okay, I'm not going to talk long here - we have a special guest to do that. It's one of the guys who is responsible getting Ben 10 on the air - and a handsome man as well ---Tramm Wigzel.

Tramm? Where's he go --oh there he is over with those guys dressed up as The Huntress and Kitty Pride.

Do I smell a new series?

Seagle signing

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

You probably know this... but Seagle's got a new Vertigo series running right now, called AMERICAN VIRGIN. That means, he has to log several hours a day at the massive DC booth signing for his many fans. You'd be surprised how many people still praise him for HOUSE OF SECRETS and SANDMAN MYSTERY THEATRE. Hell, I still praise him for those books. MYSTERY THEATRE in particular was a favorite of mine... even before I knew him. And, of course, to know him is to love him.

And he's got a brain in his head, too. For his own convenience, he had the DC booth physically moved so it would be closer to the MOA booth. Not many people could make that happen...

Day Two... here we go...

Posted by Joe Casey on July 20, 2006

Double-posting issues have somewhat been resolved (God bless JG!) and, of course, Joe Kelly is racing back to his hotel room to get the cable to hook up the digital camera that will allow the photo orgy to continue. When he does, even this entry will give you the MOA-view of the Con. What we see as we sit (or stand) behind our temporary command center.

Last night ended at 9:00 PM and after a quick bite, it was down to what I will now call the "Con crash" where you go to bed early like an old person because driving down, setting up the booth, and three hours of Preview night completely wipe a brutha out. I know... it's very sad. But at this thing... you gotta' pace yourself.

Today begins strong. Stay tuned to the blog for more insanity.

THE BEAT on our blog

Posted by Joe Casey on July 19, 2006

this is it, folks. Preview night closes up in about ten minutes. You know it's time to roll up the red carpets when Heidi McDonald stops by to do a little guest blogging. We might not be THE BEAT... but here she is anyway...

HEIDI: Meet the woman of inaction, so tired...must but...cannot...tired...fading...people, swarming...Gandalf...

For some reason, Heidi has made herself laugh. I can't figure out why. I think she's delirious.

Honorary MOA Scott Brick finally showed up, too. His voice graces Joe Kelly's BALLAST animatic (coming soon on this very site, I'm sure). He's a latecomer, to be sure, but he's our bro regardless.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 19, 2006

The cavalcade of stars continues at the booth! Tom Pugsley, story editor extraordinaire on BEN 10 stopped by to say hey. Tom, insisting that “It wasn’t me” when Joe C. threatened to throttle him (for reasons unknown at this point), was at least happy that Joe finally took off his damn sunglasses (which he does only when he’s pissed).

Hamner in the House

Posted by Joe Casey on July 19, 2006

This is the moment where we make Cully Hamner feel good about himself by mentioning him on the blog. Cully draws BLUE BEETLE when he feels like it. If we had the energy to take his picture, we'd post it here. But Cully knows what he looks like.

Tomorrow we plegde a more up-to-the-minute photo cavalcade orgy. For now, enjoy this shot of Joe K. and Duncan in mid-blog.

Sights and Frights

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 19, 2006

Okay, starting to see a lot of familar faces here at the show, Grant Morrison, James Robinson ( with a broken arm) and a slew of inker buddies of mine ...

All is good right?

Well not so fast...where are all the fans? Oh, that's right, someone was supposed to open the doors and let them in.

Ooops - bad comic con! That's right you heard it here first the convention forgot to let the fans in! It took the guys over at Bud Plant to tell someone open the doors!

Makes you wonder what we are all here for.

Well there all here and now everything is right with the world.

Guess we'll have to wait to see if someone remebered to bring the comic books!

"That's Not Writing, It's Typing" - truman capote

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 19, 2006

Heya. So the con is going. Pretty cool. If you asked me how long ago the last con was, I'd say about 5 months. There's probably some Einsteinian theory that confirms it was only five months ago, but I'm getting ahead of myself. That's an announcement for Saturday.

Already met a bunch of cool people saying nice things. HOUSE OF SECRETS fans are out in droves. Where were these people when the book was actually out?! Okay, I'm late for DC booth duty, but I wanted to say hi, and we'll keep you posted about all the things people don't want on the internet. Later.

Doors Are Open!

Posted by Joe Casey on July 19, 2006

Okay, now that I've purchased my copy of LOST GIRLS at the Comic Relief booth... suddenly the doors have swung wide open and the masses are rushing in.

Being so early in the Con proceedings, imagine our surprise when SUPERMAN writer Kurt Busiek ducks into our booth, quickly sitting down to get his bearings. But he has this to say, "Hi, masses. San Diego is fabulous." I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea. Kurt is much more than the Man of In-Action he claims to be.

Now we're marveling at Mark Evanier's reduced size. Y'see, the massive DC Comics booth is right across the aisle from us, so we're seeing lots of comicbook types doing what their best to schmooze like they actually have active social lives. I think some of them do.

More photos coming. It's early yet. And it's all about pacing yourself.

All aquiver...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 19, 2006

So, after about two hours of watching Steve and Duncan debate whether the TV should be six inches to the left or right, the booth is done. I helped, sort of. Not really.

We’re just minutes away from the opening of preview night, and if you guys have ever seen Lord of the Rings, it’s a little bit like that scene at Minas Tirith with all the bad ass orcs knocking on the gates…

Electricity is in the air…

They’re heeeeeere!

It Begins

Posted by Joe Casey on July 19, 2006

Let's just call this one what it is... a test. This is the fabled MAN OF ACTION booth in its initial stage of construction. Let the live blogging begin...!

Christ, I hope this thing works...

LIVE BLOGS from Ground zero!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 19, 2006

Heya fellas!

Okay, this is the last blog off a reliable internet hook up for a while. The Next time you will be hearing from a Man of Action it will be from the floor of the International Comic Con in cool and summery San Diego!

If you are lucky enough to make it to the con this year, or if you are just a glutton for punishment – stop by the MOA booth at #2007. We’re just across aisle from the DC booth. Look for us or look OUT for us – We’ll be the ones shooting our “shirt cannon” across the bow of Grant Morrison and Greg Rucka’s tables.

For those who can’t make it this year, keep your weepy tear stained eyes peeled for those up to the minute “tales from the front” as we bring in a string of special guests to our site ( guests who can actually type) to give their stories, tales of the con and two cents on what is happening this year.

You’ll see the perky Portfolio Lads, the Grizzled Pros and Klingon families.

You will almost be able to hear the constant cat calls of “ Hugh look my way!” and “ Oh my god it's Uncle Owen!” You will feel as if you are there...

Without the smells!

Either way True Believers check out this site over the next week for there are a few surprises and announcements that’ll be broken here first at Man of Action Central!

See you at the con!

The Con is On.

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 18, 2006

The MOA Sizzle is done…hot.

About fifty properties are featured in our “virtual catalogue,” which will play in constant rotation at the booth…cool.

Art from my children’s book, “Douglas Fredricks and the House of They” has been printed, pressed, and sits ready to be discovered…Holy crap, can that Ben Roman draw!

Sharpies have been bought.

Editors have been stalled.

That foul temptress, Sleep, has been denied.

The con is on.

See you in SD.

...Back in the X saddle again!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 17, 2006

I just had a great time visiting an old friend this month --- The X Men, well actually in truth-- The New X Men.

I just did a fill in on issue #29. So really-- it was a new old friend… either way I was back in the x –mansion once more. It’s a real fun title being headed by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. If you haven’t picked up the title you should, -- that is if you like a fast paced action title with a lot of teen angst and blood shed.

Why a fill in?

Well, I wanted to dip my feet back in those Marvel waters once a gain – test the waters so to speak- and it was worth it. Mike Marts is the editor on the book and every time we have talked he has been nothing but great to me. I started my career at Marvel but have been doing work for DC for such a long time that all the old editors I had worked with had moved ---over to DC.

It’s a ping-pong game – and right now I guess am pinging. Although my next blog will be about the pong---so wait for that.

I did both the pencils and the inks – which is what I am doing from now on. After The Nightmarist I realized that I needed to do both from now on, I can make corrections and work all the way through the process. And, although there are better inkers out there I think the over all composition and layout is greatly enhanced with me sticking it out all the way through.

Who knows—I’ll do my own interior colors next.

Checkee outty --->

Deja Vu All Over Again

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 17, 2006


I'm sitting here in LA getting ready to pack up and head down to the Comic-Con International.

Why weird?

KAFKA, the first comic I ever did is coming out in a sleek new remastered edition day after tomorrow. That's the book that was out when I went to my first Comicon-Con San Diego. And that was like 20 yeras ago.

Yeah, weird.

The volume looks sweet (at least in PDFS!). I couldn't help but go back and fix a few things. Yeah I pulled a little George Lucas here and there - I know, but don't worry. I didn't add a big scene no one wants to see or anything. I just fixed some grammar, tweaked the word choice now and then. I couldn't help myself.

But it's weird...

To come to grips with your creative self from that long ago and see how you were thinking then. I definitely re-learned some things my previous self did better than my current self. And I also taught my younger me a trick or two learned over the years.

The result is the same book, only a little better. Hell a LOT better if we're talking about the work that Starkings & JG & Stefano & I did redesigning it all.

So here's a sneak look at the new cover all finished and pretty. Come by the MOA booth #2007 and pick up a copy and I'll be happy to sign it for you. What's it about? Well, it's about an ex-spy who has six days to reclaim his past or lose it.

And that's pretty weird.

Steve T. Seagle (the T stands for "trout")

EXCLUSIVE WESTON FF (you know you love it!)

Posted by Joe Casey on July 14, 2006

The blogslaught continues! Since we've promised all kinds of exclusive content, it's time to get the ball rolling...

Working with artist Chris Weston on the FANTASTIC FOUR: FIRST FAMILY mini-series (on sale now, folks) has been a dream come true. I was a Weston fan before I'd even gone pro (which shows more than anything how long poor Chris has been toiling away in the trenches of this business!), and to write scripts for him to draw was an unforgettable experience. Absolutely one of the highlights of my career.

Chris has a great gift of gab, too, so our phone conversations are generally a hoot and a half. He's become a good pal in a business where genuine friendship isn't always so genuine. But Weston is the man, no doubt about it.

This page is from the still-unreleased issue #6, the final in the series. Basically, it was the one opportunity for Weston to draw the FF in their classic uniforms. In a few weeks, you'll be able to buy the issue and see this in gloriously full color. For now, here's the JPEG as I received it via e-mail from the artist himself.

Don't Read This!

Posted by Steven T. Seagle on July 13, 2006

I only kept a diary once in my life. Yeah I called it a diary – I know guys are supposed to call it a “journal”, but let’s be honest here. It’s a diary. And I kept it for a year. I wrote down everything that happened. I had codes for things that I wanted to remember but didn’t want anyone else to be able to read if they found it. I dashed down ideas to get back to, amazing things I saw, my psychoanalysis of my psycho friends.

I stopped because I thought, “I’m never going to let anyone read this sh*t!” And I sure as hell wasn’t going to read it again myself – I’d already lived it all.

And then it dawned on me – the only reason to keep a diary is so it can be found by other people that you (secretly) want to find out your secrets.

Which brings us to blogs.

No one will admit this, but blogs are big because blogs are diaries that you can read. Find out secrets. Talk to someone every day that you don’t even know without having to be bothered with coming up with your half of the conversation.

And that’s what’s going to happen here. We’re going to drop secret info like there’s no tomorrow (and if you’ve seen AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, you know there might not be a tomorrow, so read on booch!).

Me personally? I’m toying with what to reveal first: the major book publisher I’m doing my new graphic novel for?...The long-dead, never-before-seen comic project that’s going to get it’s first public showing in ’07?...My next Vertigo hardcover gig?...My thirty-city assault on the American art scene? The inside scoop on my religion meets terrorism comic - AMERICAN VIRGIN?...My next two theatrical plays? There’s a lot I haven’t told anyone yet…where to start?

I guess the answer is here. On the new MAN OF ACTION blog.

When I suggested to my MAN OF ACTION buds – Joe, Joe, & Duncan – that we call this the MAN OF ACTION Diaries – well, let’s just say the fat lip is healing and the black eye is only a mild purple now. But make no mistake, that’s what this is. And you’re reading to find out or secrets…you naughty little minxes, you.


I’ll try to keep it juicy for you.

Steven T. Seagle

(the T stands for “tease”)

E-llo babies!

Posted by Duncan Rouleau on July 13, 2006

For those who are first timers to the site - welcome, and to those who have been suckered in by the Newsarama article - welcome back!

I know we MOA guys have been a little lax with the audience interface as of late, but as my Mom says, if you don't have something nice to say,"Then keep you frick'n pie hole shut!"

Myself, been busy the past year. I wrote and drew this graphic novel called THE NIGHTMARIST, then I sold it to Paramount Pictures - for which I wrote a screen play! If you haven't had the chance to check it out, then check it out - here! It's been getting some pretty good reviews.

Also, been busy writing episodes for Man of Action and Cartoon Network's hit show Ben10.You might have heard of that one. Aren't the toys wild?

I have some big things coming up in the not too distant future and will announce them soon - perhaps even on one of the MOA live blogs from the San Diego Con! Here's a hint - it involves an an auteur assignment with one of the big publishers where I will be writing and illustrating a metallic title that is both a personal and fan favorite! Keep your eyes wired. Meanwhile, you can look for my monthly work on the covers of The Blue Beetle - (and soon on the inside of the upcoming issue #6). Also, check me out on the interiors of The New X-Men issue #29 for Marvel.

That's it for now here at Man of Action Central. In the meantime see you all at the Con!


Posted by Joe Casey on July 13, 2006

Aloha, peeps! I'm taking a wild stab in the dark and assuming that a lot of you are clicking over from the first time, via the Newsarama article that just went live. Big props to MOA supporter and all around good guy, Matt Brady, for giving us the virtual ink to break the story. Other hot spots on the Net will be helping to spread the word about this site, but Newsarama tends to get the scoop first...

I'm tellin' you right now... bookmark this page. Lots of cool stuff is about to go down here, the first being the massive MOA blogfest coming atcha LIVE from the floor of the infamous San Diego Comic-Con. From Wednesday night to Sunday night, keep coming back for all the updates and exclusives and God knows what else we feel like posting during the orgy that is Comic-Con.

I'll admit, the previous version of this website was ultimately less than we all wanted it to be. In our own defense, it was built before the art of blogging became a widespread thing. Thats right... I blame it on technology (or the lack of it). Now we can more easily stay in contact, post our random thoughts, and keep you updated on whatever the hell we're working on. All that good stuff...

In other words... now it begins. The Countdown to Comic-Con. You'll see plenty of content here even before the insanity starts, but come next Wednesday night, watch out.

Back in the e-saddle again...

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 11, 2006

Long time, no E.

It’s good to be back on-line. Thanks to all of the faithful who have been keeping in touch via the site, forums, etc. You were not whistling in the wind! I was sitting in the dark just over here, listening and working…always with the working! But I’m able to chat now, so without further ado, let the pimpin’ begin!

First in the pipeline is Supergirl. I’m thrilled with this book so far. Ian and I are having a ball with Eddie and Jeanine, telling the sort of interesting, character driven stories we dig. We’re in the thick of it now, having just finished the very disturbing issue #10, and let me tell you it’s a little dark inside of Kara’s Kryptonian head. If I were putting together a trailer for the first arc, you might see…

Kara kicking the hell out of Superman… A LOT of dead Kryptonians, done in by a certain blonde… More than a few OUTSIDERS sniffing around for a new recruit… High School mischief gone very wrong very fast…and Streaky. Yeah, I said it. Streaky.

In other news, when not writing comics or saving the world through song, I’ve been doing a lot of animation. I was story editor on two new shows coming out this year, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward, and a new joint called Chaotic. You can get the skinny on these shows here. I also wrote a few episodes of a little show called Ben 10. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Otherwise, this summer is about finishing. I’m finishing my first short film, Brother’s Day, parts of which will show here soon. I’m finishing my first kid’s book, Douglas Fredricks and the House of They, drawn by the insanely talented Ben Roman. (See image above!) I’m a short rewrite away from a damn fine screenplay, a graphic novel script, and finishing a mini series featuring a certain thrill seeking kid named “Quest.”

And that’s just the stuff I’m allowed to talk about. All you web savvy types should hook up that RSS deal so you can be kept in the loop whenever said info becomes “declassified.”

Gonna be a hell of a year, gang. Keep watching this space.

- JK

MOA will be blogging live from this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

Posted by Joe Kelly on July 5, 2006

That's right, Man of Action has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century with a newly updated website featuring live blogging from this years San Diego Comic-Con!

If you happen not to be in San Diego this July 19th through the 23rd, do not despair! You'll be able to join us virtually via the site, where you will get reports from each Man of Action about their experiences in the field. The sights, the sounds, and yes, unfortnately, the smells... will all be yours through the magic of the in-ter-net!

If you are one of the lucky 100,000 people who will be attending the event this year, stop by and say hi! We'll be at booth #2007 and all of the Mans will be in attendance!

Preview of GØDLAND #12 on Newsarama

Posted by Joe Casey on July 4, 2006

Newsarama has an eight page preview of this month's Godland #12, the big 'ol wrap up to the first major storyline of the series.

There's also an interview here.

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